There is a Light

There is a light, in your eyes.

I used to feel that light in my eyes, in everything that I did, that I was. Hoping to reflect that light onto others. In searching for something new and exciting, I lost that light. I wanted so badly to find myself. Instead I lost myself. I think of all the times I have been led astray, when that light faded to almost none existent, when the pain in my heart felt all consuming, Love brought me back into the light. Funny how that works, Love is usually the culprit of my pain, the reason for losing my light. Without love we don’t really have much emotional pain do we? Love is a very big word, yes its only four letters, but that word is felt world wide, it breaks us, it blinds us, it heals us, it makes us do horrible things, and it inspires us to do great things. It holds us together.

In loves blindness I lost that light in my eyes.

“Breathe in, breathe out,
Move on and break down,
If everyone goes away i will stay.”

Love will stay.

And I will find a new light. A better light.



What do you WANT?

A famous scene from “The Notebook”, we all know it, there are memes about it! Noah yelling at Ali ” WHAT DO YOU WANT?! ” It’s not that simple!” Her head and her heart were not aligned. ( The Head and the Heart <– really good band, check them out!!) A difficult connection sometimes! Knowing what we do not want, often comes easier than knowing what we actually want. Like Ali, we worry about what other people want for us, what other people will think of us, and a fear of failing to get what we want. Fear is the root of most failures, and turning our backs on our dreams seems a lot simpler..safer. With that mindset, we are failing before we even begin. I think we forget how powerful our thoughts really are! Our thoughts are the deciding factor of how our day, week, month, year, ect.. are going to go. So focusing on what we do not want, will not get us any closer to what we DO want. I recently came across this simple theory of what we think is what we get. Sounds pretty crazy, but is it? Finding a way to shift your mindset from negative to positive will make all the difference to living a happy life. Find whatever it is that makes you happy, and channel that. For me it can be as simple as playing a certain song ( right now that would be -Something just like this by Coldplay & The Chainsmokers or thanking God for the good things I have. I realize that’s easier said than done sometimes- we all have crap, some of us hide it better than others, crap is always there! BUT we all have at least one good thing! So use that, channel that one good thing, and you will find your thoughts will shift from negative to positive 🙂 Figure out what you want, and it will soon be what you have !