As you wait

As you wait

you are always listening

mostly for answers

signs to guide you

always seeking

always searching

why are you not learning?

why did you stop fighting?

why do you keep hiding?

you stopped deciding

you didn’t choose love

you chose hate

you lost hope

you let fear in

 you can be fearless

adventure into the unknown

take the path less traveled

open your heart

let love in

let god in

find faith

bind it with all your heart

it’s your decision

it always has been

Music for Thoughts ;)

In every song there is a memory. It is the best way to remember when we Lived&Laughed&Loved&Cried

I love to hear new music! Wherever I am, I am always paying attention to what is playing in the background, sometimes hurrying off to the bathroom so I can shazam a song! Music has been a huge part of my life, and It really is free therapy! A great idea for my next blog post.. How to get Free therapy! 😛
Anyways, you can check out my YouTube Channel–> Favorites—

You will find songs for days, of all genres! Music will be a big part of my blog! ALSO you can comment below and share some of your favorite songs 😀